Lean Office Work

Inspire your customers by offering excellent service and facilitate the cooperation with your customer!

Tailored consulting

Waste in administrative processes reduces the efficiency significantly and this issue should not be underestimated.
Delays in the daily workflow as well as many occurring faults are omnipresent. These factors lead to longer and unnecessary processing times regarding customer inquiries or orders resulting in customer dissatisfaction. In addition to that, the own costs rise.

Our customised solutions carried out in Inhouse Projects show you different options how to improve your efficiency in a measurable way in order to operate as effectively as possible.

Thereby, we focus on:

  • Internal processes and interfaces management
  • The different activities of the workplaces in your company
  • Individual error analysis and error prevention

According to the proved DMAIC-Method

DMAIC - The Six Sigma Method


Looking at the current situation
and map it to clearly identify the measurable problem (quantified/qualified)


Map the current process
and reveal different options to improve the process


Possible improvements are fixed within the team
Possible solutions are prepared and provided together with the management agreement


Implementation of the optimised process


Qualified and quantified controlling of the improvements

Live the new company philosophy

  • Standardise the new workflows and create a specification sheet to facilitate work for colleagues who must be replaced
  • Reduction of the training period for new employees
  • Fixing regular Audits