Customer Relationship

Become the preferred contact person for your customer!

To forge a successful business relationship with your customer depends, in a large scale, on the personal level.

Modern communication, even in the private sector, is usually carried out in writing. These days, we lose more and more the ability to talk to our interlocutor. Therefore, many opportunities remain unused to deepen the personal relationship with our customers.

In addition, inadequate language skills, the resulting inhibitions, but also fears or personal reasons impede a good customer relationship. In particular, negative news which must be communicated to the customer make a direct contact difficult.

Instead of making direct calls, we often inform the customer in written form. By doing so, we miss a lot of chances to strenghten the relationship with our customers. However, the personal contact is irreplacable in order to be able to meet the customer’s requirements and seek the customer at the beginning of your value chain.

The way to a good customer relationship

Individual adjusted trainings according to your company‘s needs in German, English and French in the form of:

  • Continuing Inhouse Trainings
  • Inhouse Workshops (Seminars)
  • After Training Consultancy

The Inhouse Trainings include for example:

  • To illustrate the benefit of pro-active customer contacts
  • To provide a well-structured planning and preparation for direct contacts to your customers
  • How and when to make and use  „Small Talk“ accurately
  • To identify the problems of your customer and connect these problems with suitable solutions (open new doors)
  • To improve your business goals by using the customer‘s request in the most effective way
  • To use a complaint as a chance for further business

Your benefit is:

  • High qualitly – minor error rate
  • Short ways – quick answers
  • Reliability
  • Trust
  • Close collaboration with you that leads to corporate developments

The benefits for your employees are:

Avoiding inhibitions to achieve:

  • A decline of inhibitions and as a result an improved understanding when talking in a foreign language
  • An increased self-confidence
  • A better understanding of the customer problem
  • Fewer mistakes – win of time
  • More joy when being in contact with your customer

The benefits for you company are:

  • More motivated and customer-oriented employees
  • A professional outside image of your company
  • An improved customer intimacy
  • Higher competitiveness
  • More options of working closely together with your customer on different projects