The personal customer intimacy is crucial for a good customer relationship. This often correlates with the quality of customer loyalty and the profitability of the customer.
In today‘s business environment, particularly insufficient language skills lead to inhibitions and fears in the customer relationship. But there are also many other influences which prevent us from being close to our customers.
Engage with us to explore ways optimising your customer relationship.

By optimising your work processes in the office, you can make a significant contribution to efficiency.
Cost and time intensive processes, e.g. missing documents or delayed feedbacks of other departments, increase the processing times significantly.
Engage with us to find ways revealing waste and improving your productivity sustainably.


About grow – Guidance for Customer Relationship and Office Work

My aspiration when dealing with customers:

Even if the ways of communication have noticeably changed in recent years, our customers are still human beings and they want to be perceived as those.

During my professional career in the inside and outside sales, it was always important for me to forge a really good relationship to my customers. In the course of this, it was not only important to work professionally and accurately, but also to create a close relationship to the customer by especially including the personal level and forming a customer centric organisation. Thereby, I was always able to improve the business relationship in an ongoing direction, which was positively reflected in the sales figures as well as in the customer intimacy.

My guiding principles are:

  • Understand the customer‘s problem and match it with your company goals
  • Be proactive and cultivate a regular customer contact
  • Be reliable and feel yourself responsible for your customer
  • Even recognise the hidden opportunity of a complaint for your company
  • Business economist (VWA), extra occupational training of three years
  • Bilingual secretary (English/French)
  • Several years’ experience abroad (England/France)

I gained profound experiences in creating good customer relationships once I had worked for international companies in different sectors, like chemistry, finance and electronic. Furthermore, I was able to become familiar with different office organisations and the possibilities to optimise processes.

I worked as an inside and outside sales representative, in parts also in charge of the sales figures. The findings gathered thanks to this experiences were the motivation for me to establish my new company “grow”.

Some customer and participant ratings:
Great, varied and current topics, in which the interests of the participants are also taken into account and the learning content is implemented with appropriate exercises. Very good proposals concerning presentation techniques and procedures for the preparation of a short presentation using the example of products. Constructive and company-related discussion rounds support the learning and implementation of fluent conversations, with regard of the relevant vocabulary. Many thanks for all the in… Read more
J. Ulmer, ERNI Electronics GmbH & Co. KG